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… Russian Blue kittens are energetic and require adequate playmates or toys as they can become mischievous if bored. They have exceptional athleticism and rival even Abyssinians for their ability to leap and climb. Slow to mature, Russian Blues retain many of their adolescent traits both good and otherwise until they are 3–4 years old and even much older Blues can be easily enticed into play by their owners. Russian Blues are also highly intelligent. They have an excellent memory and will learn the hiding place of favorite toys (e.g., laser pointers) and lead their owners to them when they want a game. They also have a keen ability to remember favorite visitors and will race to greet familiar faces even if quite some time has passed between visits—a radical departure from their normally very reserved behavior around unfamiliar people. [Wikipedia]

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Unique Russian Blue Kittens For Sale

Cattery name Royal Blue cat.
If you believe that Russian blue cats are a special civilization, then buy kittens in our cattery Royal blue cat.
There are always kittens in our cattery, Royal Blue cat.

All parents of our kittens have titles of World and European champions.
The parents of our Russian Blue kittens came to our cattery from Russia and Europe.

Our Russian Blue kittens are born in our Royal Blue Cat Cattery in Florida, USA. We ship to all US states.

We have been breeding purebred Russian Blue cats for over 8 years.
Our Royal Russian Blue kittens currently live in 41 US states, the California, Oregon, Ohio, Massachusetts, Washington State, New York, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia, Colorado, North and South Carolina, Alabama and other states, and also today our pets of the Russian Blue cat live in Australia and Puerto Rico.

We are proud of our Russian Blue kittens with big bright green eyes.
We sell kittens to families with special children at a special price.
The intelligent breed of the Russian Blue cat will always be a great friend to your children and you. A great friend for single people